Businessowners are able to protect themselves and their business with Commercial Insurance. General Liability or Businessowners Policies (BOP) provide coverage for bodily injury or property damage arising from the insured’s business operations. This type of insurance is usually packaged to best fit your business. Whether you need a bundled BOP with liability and coverage for a physical office building or are an on-the-go contractor, Wiggins will help find the right policy for you.

Surprises happen. Be prepared for any unexpected event with coverages that are just right for you and your business.

Wiggins Insurance brings you these types of trusted protection:

General Liability

is one of the most frequently purchased types of business insurance by small business owners because of the broad protection it offers. This type of insurance provides protection for some of the most common accidents at a business. It covers someone other than an employee getting hurt at your place of business when the business is at fault. It can help pay for repair or replacement costs if you accidentally damage property that doesn’t belong to you. And it also protects you if you’re accused of reputational harm, false advertising, or copyright infringement.

Commercial Property Insurance

helps to protect the assets you need to operate, such as:

Brick and mortar structures


Business equipment and furniture

It also offers protection in the event of:





And other risks

Commercial Auto

Auto is essential because it covers you and your employees in the event of an accident. Whether you have a single work vehicle or a small fleet of vehicles, your commercial auto policy can help with:                

Property damage

Damage to your vehicle

Legal fees

Medical bills

Gap coverage on finance or leased vehicles

Business Owners Policies

combine General Liability Insurance and Commercial Property Insurance into one package that is usually less expensive than buying the coverages separately. You get the benefit of coverage that is tailored for small business like yours. You can also easily manage and update your coverage.